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why use classical music?

First, because it's the best kind of music of the world. Then the classical music dignifies the movie; it has a remarkable presence. The orchestra and the cinema have been “married” for a long time.

But in addition, there was another reason: in my first point of view, working with a song that already existed would force me to think more about the edition, since the scenes should match in some way with the music. So I wouldn´t be totally free to edit and I´d still have to force my planning further. It seemed to be a perfect tactic.

But how difficult it was!

I didn´t imagine it´d be so complicated. First, I needed a free of copyright song - Both the composition and the recording. And more, I didn´t want a well-known song (such as Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, for example). The solution came from the site, which was created with only one intention: offering songs in the public domain.

Dude, I've turned this site upside down. I listened to all sorts of classical, baroque and romantic music and composers of all periods and nationalities that you can imagine! I've met several composers I've never heard of and I've listened a lot of music from famous composers.

I began to notice that songs made from the mid-19th to the late 19th century worked better.

Korsakov, Wagner and Tchaikovsky. Genius.

It was a long, hard, but pleasurable work. I spent literally MONTHS listening to music on this site until I found the ones that worked.

And it was really cool, because in this time I already had some complete scenes, so I listened to the songs and was able to test part of them. From the sound, I could adjust, add and cut scenes.

And although this idea was really cool, it was consuming so much of my work and my attention that I almost gave up using classical music. I almost called a friend to improvise something on the guitar, but thankfully I was persistent.
I thought the final result was very good. My initial intention was to make it sound like the song had been written for the movie. I don´t think I went that far, but in some moments I may say I got pretty near to it.


Link to the songs used in the movie:
You can listen, download and use then in your projects as well. But be aware because not all of them are in the public domain.