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Why make a movie?

The quick answer to this question is:
because I wanted to learn how to make a movie in practice.

I´ve already had plenty of theory. But I needed to learn it in practice. The cinema college was very expensive, so I decided to make a movie on my own and learn what was possible in the process.

The project needed to be a challenge to test my abilities and make me think. So when I imagined this story full of special effects it seemed perfect.

But to make things more interesting and try to learn as much as possible, I've stipulated 3 rules:
These 3 rules would ensure that the movie production was hard enough to force me to learn new skills and invent solutions.

And how this strategy worked! (and how difficult it was!)

I used every kind of technique you may imagine to build the scenes. I researched a lot, even in improbable places (like craft blogs, cosplay channels and videos of ladies teaching paper marche techniques). I needed to discover in practice photography, lighting and audio editing solutions among many other things.

Miniatures made using pieces of plastic modelling and material that would be throw in the trash.

Everything was filmed with our fearless Ipad.

I learned a lot! I have this movie production as the most rewarding experience of my life. And it was extremely fun.

When it all ends and you can finally sit and watch the movie from the beginning to the end, you aren´t the same person.

The feeling of mission accomplished and the growing determination to produce the next movie take you on a journey with no return.