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what to use instead of 3d computer graphics?

Since the beginning I decided that I wouldn´t build 3D models for the movie. Everything that appears there are physically constructed elements or photographs of something that exists in real world or handmade drawings (on the computer).

It doesn't mean I didn't use computers. I used it a lot. Without the computer it´d be impossible. A 2011 Mac-mini with i5 processor was enough. Many elements were filmed separately and the computer was used to bring these elements together to create the scene.

In the category Built for the movie, we have the miniature ships, which were made using pieces of plastic modelling and recycled material.

Part of the set of the cabin also was made using recycled material: styrofoam pieces for washing machine protection, wires and some parts of electrical installation plumbing.

In addition, the mask of Black, the machine gun, the mask of the other character (Vulture), the steering wheel of the ship, the monitor where he watches the action, the cabin controls, the Gapvoid himself (which was a tube of MM's with some details and painting) and a few other things that I´m not remembering now. All this needed to be built exclusively for the movie and I made all these pieces.

Cockpit made using garbage, in all its glory.

The super machine gun waiting for its moment to distribute fear and destruction to the enemies!

Yes, it is a MM's tube painted and some details.

In the category Photograph of something that exists, we have my car engine (an old brasilian Chevrolet Vectra 99) appearing many times. It´s almost a supporting character: it completes part of the cabin and Gapvoid's scenery, the underside of Vulture's ship and it still helps the arrangement of Black's outside ship when the machine gun opens and It does appear in a number of other places, but I´ll not remember where.

Besides my car, I still used several old metal texture images and a set of public domain photos of panels and equipment that helped to make up the command bridge of Vulture's ship.

The powerful engine on its original state and how it appears in the movie.

Panel made from a collage of public domain images.

And in the category handmade drawing, besides the interfaces that appear on the ship's screens, we have the animated effects: all shots, Black's turbine and Gapvoid's lightning were hand-drawn and animated frame-by-frame in Adobe Animate (old Flash).

Who’s afraid of frame-by-frame animation?

As I didn´t use 3D I made myself plan and think more about the technical and artistic aspects of each scene. It forced me to be more creative and to learn more.

And I tell you the truth; it's funnier to do this way than sitting in front of the PC struggling with the uncountable tools of 3D programs.