The Gapvoid tells the story of Black, an intergalactic smuggler who’s in deep trouble trying to deliver a very special order.

The Gapvoid is an authorial work made by one person with almost no budget. Besides, 3D models weren´t used in production. Everything was constructed, shaped, assembled, glued, photographed and filmed by this one who is talking to you.

Watch the full movie above and read down a little bit about how it was made. Oh ... and if possible, please leave your e-mail at the bottom of the page, so I´ll send you news.
Making of

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Thank you so much for visiting this site and watching my movie. I hope that you have enjoyed. See you on another adventure!

Gio Vieira is webdesigner, illustrator, animator and in his free time he makes comics and watches old science fiction movies, besides, of course, trying to make his own movies.