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Building Miniatures

Our hero's ship, Black, was the first element built for the movie. Even before the script.

I always liked to assemble miniature planes (plastic modelling). But one day I decided to try to assemble a battle tank.
As soon as I opened the box and saw the disassembled model I wondered if it was possible to create anything else with those pieces. This time I assembled the tank, but I kept that idea in my head.

After a while I decided to test that and I bought two models to know what would happen: a battle tank and a F16 fighter. They were the cheapest ones in the store.

I focused on the tank model. I threw the manual out and wondered what else was possible to do with it.
I tried many combinations with the pieces. Some worked, some didn´t, until I realized a combination that was perfect.

Parts of the battle tank placed in a different layout from its original design.

That was it!
The base of the ship was formed. Now it was a case of adding details. Several details came out of the tank kit itself and others from F16.

Finally, a detailed painting and voilà!

Painting made using paint brush and patience.

Since this model I started to have ideas of trying to film at different angles to see how it would be.

First test filming the miniature

In spite of the first attacks weren´t good, I could see that it was a potential solution. Then I had the courage to think of a story and it started to be made.

Then, during the process creation, I realized that I needed a villain. The rest of the F16 pieces served as the base, but almost of them were used in the first ship. So I needed to use other things, like: lollipop sticks, computer pieces and other alternatives that would be throw in the trash - but had an interesting shape - became a ship of the villain.
I mean, the two enemy ships.

Fleet ready to fly! :D

Filming miniatures using the resources available.

After some time I discovered that this technique of mixing parts of different kits to do something new has a name: Kitbashing. You may search for this term on Google. You'll see a lot of cool stuff.